"And every day, the Lord added to their number those who were being saved."  ~Acts 2:47

ACTS Retreats have enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people; men and women, teens and retirees, rich and poor, Catholic and non-Catholic, in the United States as well as other countries.  It has reinvigorated the spiritual lives of individuals, of families, of entire parishes.  Yet, 25 years ago, it did not even exist.  The way this wonderful program came to be is a beautiful blend of the Holy Spirit and those who listen to His words. 

ACTS Missions was started by Larry Lopez and Tony Deosdade, two men who had such a profound experience on their retreat that they were inspired to make sure everyone in the world should have the opportunity to receive it as well.  This small organization now leverages thousands of volunteers every year to bring the retreat to even more thousands of people, allowing them to experience the love of God through their fellow Christians.  Today, ACTS is in at least 22 states in the US, 8 states in Mexico, as well as Canada, Honduras, South Africa and England.

Corpus Christi has been sponsoring ACTS Retreats since 2013.  Many of our parishioners have benefited immensely from participating in these retreats. 

"I highly recommend the ACTS Retreat - not simply for your own benefit but for the well being of your family."  ~Kevin Boyar 

ACTS...Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service

People have credited ACTS with saving their lives, saving their marriages, convincing them to be ordained as priests or deacons, or leading them to the religious life, simply by opening their eyes and their hearts to God's word.  Bishops and other church leaders have called it the most important movement in the Catholic Church today.


Men's ACTS Retreat Group


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